About us

The Asia Beauty & Wellness awards 2017 endeavours to recognise the leaders and
upcoming companies and individuals who are game changers in the health, Asia Beauty
& wellness communities.

This prestigious awards programme creates a convergence of the top market players,
wellness entrepreneurs and practitioners within the region. It further provides an
amazing platform for networking opportunities, leadership sharing and a showcase
of the wellness industry’s latest trends and developments.

Nominees will be vetted in across several criteria including brand definition,
management standards, professionalism, customer service, quality of product/service,
sustainability, corporate social responsibility and innovation. The judging process
will also include a site visit to the operating premises and interview with the
founder/management team of the nominee company.

For transparency, an Advisory Panel has been invited support the Awards Committee
ensure unbiased opinions on the winning companies, individuals,
properties, brands, treatments or products.


To ensure the credibility of the awards, thorough analysis of the judging process and award organisation framework was conducted with a purview of best practices from around the world. The result is that the Asia Beauty and Wellness awards are designed to fulfil the expectations, standards and exemplary process administration befitting its prestigious stature.



10 reasons
why the Asia
Beauty &
Awards are

  • 1

    Be trusted, be respected

    Be lauded by your customers and attract new clientele. Third party endorsement of your brand excellence demonstrates strong credibility.

  • 2

    Win and differentiate

    When you win the Asia Beauty & Wellness awards, your brand stands out from the competition. Leverage on the award in your advertising and marketing campaigns to gain the competitive edge.

  • 3

    Be recognised as the best of the best

    Winning the award is testament of industry recognition of excellent traits in your brand, as an authority in the industry. Gain the respect and recognition from industry peers.

  • 4

    Windows of opportunities

    Showcase the award in your branding and communications activities. Generate stronger brand presence. See more windows of opportunities open when you are known as an award-winning company or brand.

  • 5

    Brand association

    Your business stakeholders, partners and suppliers are proud to be associated with your brand as it brings up their status too.

  • 6

    Let your team shine

    Celebrate team effort in your operations and brand excellence. Reward your employees for their hard work and let them know that their efforts have led to the award recognition. Imagine what this does to enhance team morale and motivation! Great talents are attracted to award-winning companies too.

  • 7

    Create community impact

    Share your cause of wellness to the community. With an award in hand, communities, partners and joint sponsors are more receptive to your initiatives. See doors open for negotiations along the way, and naturally accelerated growth too!

  • 8

    Industry acceptance

    Receiving the award paves the way forward for effective media promotion. Intensive media strategies are executed to ensure that your brand recognition is taken to the next level through our media liaison activities.

  • 9

    A networking platform

    Meet other practitioners of excellence in the wellness industry. Share ideas. Connect and move towards mutual growth and partnerships.

  • 10


    When preparing for the award nomination and judging process, your team has the opportunity to conduct an indirect self-evaluation exercise with an overview of your business model, areas of excellence, growth and planning.

Our Partners

The Asia Beauty & Wellness awards collaborates with a network of partners and supporting bodies, including government agencies, corporate companies, industry experts and relevant organisations for value-added support, endorsement and facilitation of awardee benefits. Such partnerships are integral for award recipients to connect, create new alliances and develop potential business opportunities with like-minded leaders and companies within the Asia Beauty & Wellness awards industries.

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